The following people and entities have endorsed me in my run for reelection as your ANC:

Greater Greater Washington, a local blog focused on housing, transit and development issues

Nita Alvarez, 4C01 resident

Maria Barry, Commissioner, ANC 4C02

Karrye Braxton, Commissioner, ANC 4A07

Ulysses Campbell, Commissioner, ANC 4C03

Karen Cooper, Commissioner, ANC 4C07

Jonah Goodman, Commissioner, ANC 4C10

David Gottfried, Board Member, Kennedy Street Development Corporation (KSDC) and 4C01 resident

Willie Jolley, 4C01 resident

Sarah Koreishi, 4C01 resident

Zia Koreishi, President, Lofts at Brightwood Condo Association and 4C01 resident

Lisa Large, 4C01 resident

Patrick Large, 4C01 resident

Joe Martin, Commissioner, ANC 4C09

"Charlotte has the conscientiousness, sensitivity, dedication, integrity, tenacity and attention to detail that have made her a highly responsible and effective commissioner. She is also willing to work very hard at a time when the workload for ANC 4C commissioners is more demanding than ever."

Peter Nielsen-Jones, 4C01 resident

Ruth Nielsen-Jones, 4C01 resident

Audrey Nwanze, Founder and Co-Chair, Community Alliance for Upper Fourteenth Street (CAUFS)

Nancy Roth, Commissioner, ANC 4D01

"I worked with Charlotte on a number of issues of mutual concern in our neighboring ANCs, especially related to safety challenges at the intersection of Kennedy St and Georgia Ave. NW. I found Charlotte to be uncommonly intelligent, focused, and proactive in forming positive and respectful working relationships with residents, ANC colleagues, business proprietors, and government officials, which she leveraged productively to enact solutions. Her leadership and skills are tremendous assets to the community."

Dee Taylor-Jolley, former Commissioner, ANC 4C01 and 4C01 resident

"Prompt in responding to issues, detailed in her follow-up and very easy to work with, is how I describe Charlotte Nugent, our current ANC commissioner. She knows our community’s needs and challenges, as well as the influencers who help to collectively resolve our problems. Please re-elect Charlotte for the benefit of our community!"

Zach Teutsch, Commissioner, ANC 4C05

Elizabeth Barrett Topping, Board Member, Community Alliance for Upper Fourteenth Street (CAUFS) and 4C01 resident

Sean Wieland, 4C01 resident

Mike Yates, former Commissioner, ANC 4C01 and 4C01 resident

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