My Record

I pledged in 2016 to make the following themes a priority if elected as your ANC. I am proud of these accomplishments over the past 2 years, and will continue to fight for progress:

Access to affordable housing and accessible transit

  • Voted in support of the 187-unit affordable housing development on the site of the Old Hebrew Home in Petworth, selecting the proposal with largest number of affordable units (80% affordable); proposal was unanimously supported by ANC 4C
  • Secured funding for the new “59” express bus on 14th Street, as part of group of local leaders
  • Initiated two local neighborhood traffic studies, along with Commissioner Maria Barry of 4C02, resulting in 5 traffic safety initiatives about to be implemented to increase safety in our immediate area

A vibrant neighborhood with a high quality of life

  • Vacant properties: Identified over 10 properties in our SMD alone as vacant, leading DCRA to begin tax enforcement and oversee cleanliness, including for the large unsightly lot across from Emery Heights Community Center
  • Settlement agreements: Secured 2 settlement agreements with Imm Thai restaurant and Lucky Corner Market, which are enforced through their liquor licenses and encourage neighborly behavior by the business
  • Sanitation enforcement: Filed dozens of complaints with DPW leading to fines for chronically offending property owners; coordinated rodent abatement by DOH for local residents
  • Illegal construction: Worked with residents to identify and begin enforcement on 3 instances of illegal construction, and held 2 meetings with residents and developers to ensure safe and orderly construction sites

Improved public safety by addressing the root causes of crime

  • Organized and led the Ward 4 Gun Violence Summit in June 2018, with several other community leaders, bringing together over 40 neighbors to discuss how to address gun violence in our community
  • Secured a settlement agreement with Lucky Corner Market, working with Commissioner Nancy Roth in ANC 4D, thereby building relationships with the owners and promoting safer business practices

Increased equity, quality and access to educational programs

  • Supported the advocacy of West Education Campus parents to secure a budget line item for full modernization of the school, along with Commissioner Maria Barry of 4C02
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